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Specialising in Family Court Law,  Experienced in High court, 

Can prepare case and support you in court whilst you present your case.

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‘Family is like a circle. The connection never ends’

Nicole O'Neil



Deborah Harry      MSW BA (Hons) PSY/SOC

Family Court Specialist

I moved to London in 1995 after a very disastrous relationship, I subsequently became a lone parent of 5 children, ranging from ages 1 to 14. This was obviously a very difficult time for all of us, but I decided I needed to make it all worthwhile.  I came out of school with no qualifications, so when my youngest child was 18 months old I went to college, put her in the creche and did an access course.



Family Court

We help with all aspects of making applications to Family court, We also support you in court as a Mckenzie Friend.





J L June 2020 - 'I can personally recommend Deborah, she has years of experience, loads of qualifications and heaps of compassion. She’s supported me and is amazing.'


L K  Aug 2020 - 'I would recommend this company as sDeborah helped me and my partner to get my partner's son back'  she told us how to get started with paper work and make sure the preparation was ready for court and gave me a really good price as we were not working , it was less than half of other companies. With all the help she gave us we now have my partners son thank you for all your help'.


Tyrone B    Aug 2020 -  ' I would highly recommend this company, Deborah H was very professional and truly understands the difficulties faced when being denied contact with a child.  She gave me realistic honest advice and was happy to allow me to pay in instalments with a payment plan, and supported me with preparing my case for court; she did my statement on my behalf. and supported me in court and guided me as what to say in court; when my ex partner was hurtling accusations against me. I was able to keep my composure and not rise to the bait. I came out of court with my child arrangements order and I am now having regular contact with my child. 

Delsie MDF  Aug 2020 - ' Deborah gave me advice as what to say in order to ask the benefits agency to appeal their decision for PIP. She helped me fill in the confusing forms. Deborah was very knowledgeable and professional throughout, however she was also able to show compassion and appeared to truly understand the difficulties I was facing. The benefits agency overturned their decision and awarded me the enhanced rate that I need'.

Marlene Sampson Aug 2020 -I have used this company to help me with my child custody court case. Deborah was fantastic and so helpful. I have just finished my hearing and I am pleased to say that it went very much in my favour. Thank you

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